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The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Program Office TCGA Homepage
Director: Jean C. Zenklusen, M.S., Ph.D.

TCGA plans to comprehensively characterize the genomic changes (copy number, amplifications, mutations, expressions, and epigenomic changes) in 20 different types of cancer in the next 5 years. TCGA employs statistically robust numbers of clinically annotated high-quality samples to ensure the data are of the highest quality and makes it publicly available. The multi-dimensional datasets from TCGA's analysis of genomic characterization and sequencing of ovarian and brain cancer (glioblastomas) have opened new avenues for targeted discovery and development by:

  • Identifying four subtypes of glioblastoma that can be used to stratify patients for trials.
  • Mapping genomic changes to specific pathways to provide new insights into the identification of potential new drug targets.
  • Developing an analysis pipeline for TCGA data that integrates and displays the data for broad access by basic and clinical researchers.