Knowledge Management and Special Projects Branch

The Knowledge Management and Special Projects Branch (KMSPB) ensures the completeness and accuracy of the NCI-funded research portfolio in NIH reports to Congress and the public. As the lead for official NIH Research, Condition and Disease Categorization (RCDC) reporting of NCI-funded projects, KMSPB facilitates the development of definitions used to classify research into reporting categories and conducts annual reviews of research categorized using the NIH RCDC methodology. KMSPB also manages the NCI Funded Research Portfolio (NFRP) website and database to ensure the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of scientific funding data.

KMSPB Programs

NIH Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC)

The NIH Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) process uses a computerized text-mining process to sort NIH-funded grants and contracts into categories of research area, disease, or condition. The automated categorization process extracts scientific information from the title, abstract, and specific aims of grant applications of awarded projects to match them to over 300 reporting categories.

NCI Funded Research Portfolio (NFRP)

The NCI Funded Research Portfolio (NFRP) is an online database of information about research grants, contract awards, and intramural research projects funded by the NCI. Research projects and funding data in the NFRP database are reported annually by NCI divisions, offices, and centers (DOCs), and all project information is conveniently searchable on the NFRP website.

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