Doug Lowy, MD

Douglas R. Lowy, MD
Acting Director of CSSI
Acting Director of NCI

Henry Rodriguez, PhD, MBA

Henry Rodriguez, PhD, MBA
Acting Deputy Director of CSSI
Director of OCCPR

Sean Hanlon, PhD

Sean Hanlon, PhD
Associate Director of CSSI


Office of the Director (OD)
Main Line: 240-781-3310
Name Position Email
Douglas R. Lowy, MD Acting Director of CSSI, Acting Director of NCI lowyd@mail.nih.gov
Henry Rodriguez, PhD, MBA Acting Deputy Director of CSSI rodriguezh@mail.nih.gov
Sean E. Hanlon, PhD Associate Director hanlonse@mail.nih.gov
Tony Dickherber, PhD Program Director dickherberaj@mail.nih.gov
Michelle A. Berny-Lang, PhD Program Director bernylangma@mail.nih.gov
Steven Cole Program Analyst colesteve@mail.nih.gov
Frankie Cozzens Philips Program Analyst cozzensphilipf@mail.nih.gov
Mary Kozlowski Operations Coordinator kozlowskimt@mail.nih.gov
Kelly Crotty, PhD Communications Fellow crottykj@mail.nih.gov



Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research (OCCPR)
Main Line: 240-781-3370
Name Position Email
Henry Rodriguez, PhD, MBA Director rodriguezh@mail.nih.gov
Christopher Kinsinger, PhD Program Director kinsingc@mail.nih.gov
Mehdi Mesri, PhD Program Director mesrim@mail.nih.gov
Tara Hiltke, PhD Program Director hiltket@mail.nih.gov
Emily Boja, PhD Program Director bojae@mail.nih.gov
Ana I. Robles, PhD Program Director roblesa@mail.nih.gov
Anna Roberts-Pilgrim, PhD Science Communications Editor robertspilgriam@mail.nih.gov
Annette Marrero-Oliveras, MS Scientific Program Analyst marrerooliveram@mail.nih.gov
La’Toya Kelly Operations Coordinator kellylc@mail.nih.gov
Dawn Hayward, PhD Communications Fellow haywarddm@mail.nih.gov