Kelly Crotty, PH.D.

Kelly Crotty

Dr. Kelly Crotty works in the Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives (CSSI) within the Office of the Director at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Kelly applies her research background to develop and evaluate cancer research programs and initiatives, identify and reduce barriers to progress, and communicate research outputs with the goal of advancing cancer research and reducing the burden of cancer on those whose lives are affected by it. She co-directs the Innovative Moelcular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) program and manages the review of proposals for collaborative set aside funds for the Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) program.

Kelly joined the National Cancer Institute in 2019 as an NCI Communications Fellow. Prior to joining NCI, Kelly was a graduate student at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF) in Dr. Peter Walter’s lab. She used protein and RNA biochemical methods to investigate the Unfolded Protein Response across yeast species.  In addition to her dissertation work, she organized an intramural seminar series at UCSF and volunteered with organizations supporting women and minorities in science.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry & Biophysics from Oregon State University where she performed research on the oxidative stress response and on honey bee Colony Collapse Disorder.