Sarah G. Elder, M.S.

Sarah G. Elder, M.S.Sarah Elder serves as a Health Communications Fellow in the NCI’s Office of the Director within the Center for Scientific Initiatives (CSSI). In this role, she spearheads the development of a uniform communication plan across multiple platforms and writes pieces about the scientific and programmatic activities of CSSI.

Sarah received her MS in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology from Purdue University, where her research focused on the development of a high-resolution mass spectrometry-based platform for disease biomarker discovery. Using this platform, she probed human blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples for novel, early-stage protein and phosphoprotein biomarkers of cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. She has also used mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to identify potential demographic markers in the human scent profile using volatile organic compounds emitted from human epithelial cells. Sarah is passionate about using analytical techniques to answer important biological questions.

Before joining the NCI, Sarah worked as a science reporter for Purdue’s student newspaper, the Exponent, where she detailed scientific achievements and discoveries on campus. She also worked as a Market Research Consultant for a medical device start-up company in Oslo, Norway. Using her experience with science writing, bioanalytical chemistry, and biomedical technologies, she hopes to ensure effective communication across the CSSI and facilitate technology development at NCI.