Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research (OCCPR)

Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer

Director: Henry Rodriguez, Ph.D., M.B.A.

OCCPR, through initiatives such as Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer (CPTC), is bringing standards to the science of protein discovery, and characterization to the discovery and deployment of evidence-based biomarkers for clinical use. Proteomics offers our best hope to define and ultimately use biomarkers in the clinic. OCCPR:

  • Devised a protein biomarker candidate evaluation model, with validation by multi-institution studies that use common standards, methods, assay materials, and data analysis.
  • Worked with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create mock 510(k) pre-market submissions to help the proteomics community design studies that address the FDA's questions and streamline the regulatory process.
  • Led an international effort to develop the Amsterdam Principles, a first step in aligning data-release practices for proteomics with those of genomics, and enabling researchers to build on previous work to advance the field.