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Thrombosis in Cancer Patients (TCP) Project

thrombosis bloodtube withtypeAbout the Thrombosis in Cancer Patients Project

The goal of the TCP project is to advance understanding of cancer-related thrombosis through consideration of preanalytical variables. The project reproduced variable blood sample handling conditions experienced in the clinic and assessed their effects on sample integrity. Blood samples exposed to different preanalytical variables including delay to centrifugation, delay to assay, and freeze/thaw cycles were analyzed on markers of coagulation, fibrinolysis, cellular injury, and inflammation.

Pre-analytical variables

 Available SOPs  Data

High quality blood samples, accompanying clinical and biomarker data, and standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for collection, handling, and analysis from the TCP project are available to researchers for free. Available data include patient demographics, clinical data including 3 & 6 month follow-up examinations, and analysis results. Blood samples are donated by pre-treatment cancer patients and include prostate, kidney, pancreas, colon, lung, head/neck, breast, lymphoma cases.

Samples Available for Research

Blood plasma and cell pellets are available free of charge to the research community for 76 controls and the following suspected cancer cases:

Suspected Cancer Type Total Cases Confirmed Cancer Diagnosis Benign Result
Brain 6 0 6
Breast 25 24 1
Colon 10 9 1
Head & Neck 10 9 1
Kidney 28 25 3
Leukemia 6 6 0
Lung 35 29 6
Lymphoma 14 14 0
Ovarian 13 5 8
Pancreatic 13 9 4
Prostate 26 26 0
Stomach 5 5 0
Total 191 161 30

Please contact to request samples for research use.